Tutorials / Vue / Epic Landscapes, series five

Epic Landscapes, series five

Geekatplay™ Studio, Epic Landscapes, series five

Expand your creativity with Epic Landscapes tutorials.

With this set of tutorials you will be working with Vue 11, Photoshop cs6 and little bit in Filter Forge. However you do not need have latest versions of applications, technics that displayed in this tutorials are easy can be applied in early versions. Tutorials show mix media approach to some concept in creating artwork. Buy TutorialsPurchased version of tutorials also included Bonus Pack with all project files, presets and some models, that you may need in your work. Also it always very helpful to look at project or presets itself sees how they build and wand fine settings they have. All tutorials recorded in high resolution, mp4 format. Easy to view and follow.

New tutorials unlocked weekly. You can get All them now by purchasing downloadable version.

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