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Digital backdrops, Compositing with Photoshop.

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Explore new horizons with this Epic Landscapes, series four.

Learn how to create and use digital backdrops through four projects. Each project is divided into two parts: Part 1 is for digital artists and part 2 is for photographers. In the first part of each project, you'll learn how to build versatile library of easy to find and inexpensive 3D models for incredible looking backdrops; how to import them into Vue; how to set up textures, lighting and rendering; plus how to enhance the rendered image in Adobe Photoshop with tonal mapping and other special techniques. In part 2, you'll learn how to set up your lighting and take photographs meant for use with a digital backdrop; advanced masking techniques, how to seamlessly integrate the photographed image with the digital background using tonal correction and touching up.

Buy Tutorials, Comes with over 20 high resolution digital backdrops rendered in HDR so artists can work with their lighting in Photoshop. The bonus pack also comes with models which are masked out to easily add them to a digital image.

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