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Compositing in Photoshop, series two

Geekatplay™ Studio, Compositing in Photoshop, series two

Create new worlds and digital backdrops in Photoshop.

In this series of video tutorials we are teaching advanced skills to create reusable elements, objects in Photoshop, that provide wide possibilities for compositing in Photoshop. Sun, Planets, Stars, nebulas, landscapes and more. With these techniques you can produce stunning Sci-Fi scenes for you future digital renders or as backdrops in digital photography. These tutorials also cover retouching workflow with advanced techniques, like frequency separations and more.

Buy Tutorials, or watch for free online unloked tutorials, new will be unlocked weekly. With purchased version you will also get extensive assets library, that included textures, masked images and more. Plus additional Sci-Fi digital backdrop pack included with this release.

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